Super University is your relevant resource for developing the Super in U! You will learn from some of the greatest thought leaders of all time, including the latest information in neurosciences and timeless proven change strategists.

Motivational Keynote Musician and Speaker

Danny Win raises the vibe and brings down the house as he brings transformational events, seminars and workshops to life with original music and stories that touch hearts and inspire to action. Audience members transform from the inside out, as their passion is renewed to live with purpose, presence, play and profit!

Super Shooz

Super University and Danny Win present the Super Shooz Program for those ready to live the life of their dreams. This inclusive program is designed to help you reveal the Super in U in 12 life-changing steps! From stepping into your Super Shooz to defining your values and purpose, Danny Win will take you on a journey that will change your destiny and empower you to find your inner Super Hero.