Super Shooz

Super University and Danny Win present the Super Shooz Series for those ready to step into the life of their dreams now. This inclusive program is designed to help you reveal the Super in U in each of the 12 life-changing steps! Danny Win will take you on a magical, musical journey that transforms ordinary to extraordinary in the moment, empowering you to be the inner Super Hero you were designed to be.


Lookin’ Good: Open Your ‘I’

How you look is an inside job. In a world that judges by external looks, you can turn that around in one simple step. Starting with yourself, develop the habit of Lookin’ Good. With this all important first step you develop the skill and habit of seeing the best in all things. The better you see, the better you become!

Your journey begins with seeing the best of life!

Bare Feat: Discover Your Features and Feats

This step is about baring your soles to better understand who you are truly designed to be right where you are. We’ll take a closer look at your features, your natural gifts, and your feats, all that you’ve accomplished up to this point in your lives.

Embrace this moment, knowing that all you have right now is all you need.


Stand: Stand Up for What You Believe In

Super Heroes stand for the greater good of themselves and others. This step will help you discover what you value at the core. Great accomplishments or feats are backed by great standards and principles. By completing this step you will clearly state what values you will choose to guide you and follow through with action.

Name your values, clarify your values and prioritize your values.


Destination: Discover Your Main Purpose

Here you will specifically define the love of your life, your consuming passion, the fire that won’t quit. This isn’t about another person. This about your unique purpose you were designed to live for.

Discover your destination, refine your destination and live on purpose.


Role Play: Define Your Roles

Define what your current roles are, what you decide to accomplish in each role, and then choose role models to maximize your effectiveness.

Choose your roles, add purpose and select role models.


Plan It: Write Out Your Plan

With this step you will decide specifically what you choose to be, do and have and when you will accomplish it from the future looking back.

You can truly build the life of your dreams!

Are You Ready? This is just the beginning!

Step into Your Super Shooz Now

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