Are you dreaming?

Are you dreaming?

That question can be asked in several different tones. One from the perspective of “get real”, and the other asking in a way that is challenging you to really dream big. I’m in a position in my life where I’ve stepped out of a role that provided some comforts and am now stepping into the unknown. This is not something I’d recommend for everyone and my outcome will speak for itself. I’ll be sharing this journey with you with the intent of providing you hope, purpose, passion, and success now, from wherever you find yourself.

I’m writing this from Huntington Beach, CA. The photo is from my balcony and it’s beautiful here. I’ll be attending a Luxury Homes Retreat¬†with my company Keller Williams who I’d just given notice last week that I’m resigning my position as CEO of an office. One of my reasons for resigning, was that I felt I was not as effective as I needed to be for that role and I was not being fair to myself or the company to continue. Good enough was not enough, and I had to make the decision to either press through and make it work, or come from a different angle. I decided to follow my instinct and take the path that to many, may not make sense both financially and from the perspective of having my future planned out.

I have written a musical, interactive program called Super Shooz, where you step into the Shooz of the Super Hero you’re designed to be. I felt like I was not authentically following my own program, living my purpose. What I’m going to do now is share publicly my journey of basically starting over and designing the rest of my life through the program I have written. You’ll get to see the failures and successes along the way. Most books and programs are written from the perspective of having “accomplished something”. I’m going to take you along for the ride, should you choose to join me. Your going to see both my failures and successes and my desire is to challenge and encourage you with practical, actionable steps to live your highest and best life now, from wherever you are!

My challenge for you today is, “Are you dreaming?” Are you truly taking the time to imagine and feel what your ideal life is? Take a moment or two to ponder on that and write down a few things about your ideal life as if you’d accomplished them. Then write down how that feels. Memorize that feeling and do your best to return to it whenever you’re feeling down. It’s a choice and a developed skill.

Go for your dreams now!