Life is Risky!

RiskyI recently made the decision to give up a great job that I’d allowed to drain me. I’m not going to blame the job. I take full responsibility. Now that I’ve been out for a week, I can look back and see many things I could have done that would have produced a different, possibly more positive outcome. During my time at this job, I could see those things and still was not able to pull it all together to create the outcome that I believe is needed for that role. I decided it wasn’t for me.

When I made the decision to let go, it was a gut decision. Although I’d gone over how I could make it better and definitely made the effort, in my heart I knew I wasn’t the best for the job. As I’m looking ahead to possibility, I definitely have my moments of doubt. Thoughts that I should have┬ájust stuck it out until my daughter graduated from college, or until we were in a much better place financially, along with┬ámany other feelings or should haves. I choose not to let those thoughts linger.

I took a risk, and now I’m living with the consequences. I’ve seen some of the safest people get knocked sideways from circumstances beyond their control and I’ve seen hair-brained decisions made that turned out for the best. So what’s the lesson here?

I’ve made the decision, right or wrong, to venture out into an unknown. In my heart I knew it was right, which doesn’t necessarily mean it was the best or that it was right. Only time and my actions around my decision will tell whether it works out for the best. What decisions do you need to make that might be risky? I’m not saying to quit your job. That may not be the best for you.

With all of my coulda, woulda, shoulda’s, I still have this moment to make the most of. I appreciate the gifts I’ve been given. The mistakes I make, I own. I get to make the most of what shows up right now and for that, I have peace. Regardless of how risky life is, you always have this moment. Can you make the most of yours now by fully appreciating where you are? I believe the answer is always, YES!