Making Bad

Making Bad

We live in a society that focuses on the winners and our human nature tends to make us want to avoid mistakes or looking bad. We’ve likely all heard the stories that now seem cliche of Michael Jordan, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison all failing their way to success, but what about us?

What if you just accepted bad? I’m not talking about Breaking Bad, I’m talking about being okay with bad. How about for the next presentation, project or task that you’ve possibly been putting off until greatness you decided just to be bad …and okay with it? I’ve had many Toastmaster presentations that I’m sure kept the audience grimacing, …and I’ve heard a few. Then I see the progress!

I challenge you to step into your badness today! Through this you’ll discover that you truly are a badass!

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PS – If you were offended by the term badass, I did not direct the term to any particular breed of donkey or mule.