What’s in #ThatCuriosityThing for Me? (meaning you)

Find Your Curiosity

The beauty of that question is that whatever it is you are seeking, you will get answers for. When you decide to show up, you’ll get what you intend to get. If the cause of the Youth Suicide Prevention Program┬áis something that resonates with you, you’ll get value no matter what, because you are contributing.

I love what Kyle Cease states so well, made popular in the movie Adaption, and lyrics in a Fall Out Boys tune with Elton John, “You Are What You Love, Not What Loves You.” I’m not really sure where it originated, but it speaks to me in a world looking for validation and the need to be right. You have all it takes to be in this moment what you were designed to be. When you focus on what you love, there’s no room for worrying about what loves you, or if you’re accepted, making the right decisions, failing, etc.

Join thought leaders as they share what they love, their perspective on being successful in the moment and living on purpose. The theme for the day is from Danny Win’s Super Shooz series that includes a song for each step in between each speaker. You won’t leave the same.

ONE thought can change the trajectory of your life. Are you curious enough to join us?

May 7th is your day. Sign up now: #ThatCuriosityThing.com